Agendas 2021

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be an extraordinary meeting to be held on Thursday  January 21st from 7-8pm. The agenda includes the meeting link and is available from the link below:

DPC Agenda 21Jan2020 Extraordinary meeting

Supporting papers for this meeting are available from the links below.

Please note that the first three documents are Cllr Wyatt’s compilations of the documents from Councillors.

3841 20 OPA Sawmills

3808 20 FUL Attenuation Basin

3842 20 OPA Broom Park

AMorley 3808.20.FUL A
AMorley 3841.20.OPA S
AMorley 3842.20.OPA BP
HWyatt 3808.20.FUL A
HWyatt 3841.20.OPA S
HWyatt 3842.20.OPA BP
JTBalch 3808.20.FUL A
JTBalch 3841.20.OPA S
JTBalch 3842.20.OPA BP
MO’Connell 3842.20.OPA BP
TTurrell 3803.20.FUL A Revised
TTurrell 3841.20.OPA S Revised
TTurrell 3842.20.OPA BP revised


January agenda
Draft budget
December Minutes DRAFT


January 6th agenda Finance and Personnel

Extraordinary meeting agenda DPC_7Jan2021