Agendas 2021

The next meeting will be a physical meeting to be held in the Village Hall at Dartington on June 9th. The Agenda is posted below.  Covid guidelines will apply and the agenda contains information for attending the meeting. A risk assessment is also posted below. Please contact the Clerk if you have any concerns or questions.

June Agenda
Risk Assessment for F2F meetings
DNP Advisers appointment letter draft
Housing Needs Assessment information
May 5th Annual Meeting draft minutes
Vehicle Activated Signs fact sheet from DCC
Vehicle Activated Signs summary of actions

May 5th Annual Meeting Agenda
Annual Parish Meeting 2021

April 23rd agenda
Clerk’s report for April 23rd 2021
March 10th draft minutes
March 31st EM draft minutes
Accounts 2020-21 final for 23. 4.21 meeting
April payments public

Papers for the F&P meeting scheduled for 13th April.
Please note that this meeting has been postponed until further notice.

January 6th minutes Finance and Personnel draft
Member Officer protocol draft
anti-harassment-and bullying policy NALC model 2019
2020-21 final for website accounts


The Council apologises that some of these documents are written using tables which makes it harder for users of assistive technology to access and is working to resolve this problem.

March 31st EM Agenda

March 10th agenda
February 10th minutes
Clerk’s report March 2021
Advice on responding to planning applications – material considerations
Request form – agenda items
anti-harassment-and bullying policy NALC model 2019

February 10th agenda

January agenda

January 6th agenda Finance and Personnel

Extraordinary meeting agenda DPC_7Jan2021