The Parish Council’s application for redevelopment of the Brimhay site received delegated approval by SHDCllr Hodgson, the ward member, in July 2017 (see below):

SHDC has RESOLVED 13/07/2017 to grant conditional planning permission,  for the above application subject to a Section 106 Legal agreement being signed. The planning permission is only formally granted, and Decision Notice issued, after confirmation has been received from SHDC Legal  that the Section 106 legal agreement has been signed.

Note that the resolution  also includes provision  for the review of the  resolution after 6 months, if the S.106 legal agreement remains unsigned  – 15th January 2017.

Clearance of the land on the edge of the  Brimhay site caused local concern. The parish council wrote a letter about this to Steve Jorden, the CEO of SHDC: Letter re Brimhay Nov2017

Steve Jorden’s response is here:Steve Jorden response – Brimhay – 24 11 17

Some brief background Information re the Brimhay development:

South Devon Rural Housing  submitted a planning application for a major redevelopment of the Brimhay site. Following a Dartington Community Action Group meeting at the Village Hall, where parishioners expressed grave concerns about the proposals, the Parish Council requested that applicants, South Devon Rural withdraw the application. PDF here (39KB). SDR’s CEO, Steve Prime sent this reply: PDF (237KB).

The Parish Council was not able to negotiate the changes to the Planning Application that would make it acceptable to the wider community. An alternative application was submitted by the Parish Council on behalf of Don’t Bury Dartington Under Concrete.