Councillor Registrations of Interests

All Councillors are required by law (the Localism Act 2011) to declare any interests they have using the form below. It is especially important to declare  a pecuniary (financial) interest as not doing so can be a criminal offence. A pecuniary interest includes the house you live in if it is in the parish. 

This is a pdf of the from, but there’s a word version below. SH Register of Interest Form Parishes 2019

Here’s the word version to which the date Dartington Parish Council adopted the Code of conduct has been added:

SH Register of Interest Form Parishes 2019

If councillors have amendments to make to their declarations, the amendment form is here:SH Register Amendment Form 2019 PC

Councillors declared interests are required to be made public under the terms of the Localism Act 2011.

Below is a summary of information in an excel spreadsheet. Please contact the clerk if you require more information.

Register of interests DPC as of 6.21