Evidence base

Most of the new evidence is no longer on this website. Task groups have gathered so much information that it’s on the Dartington NP site on useful information pages – either the general useful information page or on a Task Group useful information page or on the consultations page.

The council approved the draft Open Space Sport and Recreation Strategy at its September 2017 meeting. The Strategy is here: Dartington OSSR Plan – for parish council consideration August 2017

The link below is to the Steering Group’s October 2014 response to South Hams District Council’s (SHDC) Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) document.

The SHLAA process is the way in which Local Planning Authorities, in our case SHDC, identifies all the land in its area that could be available for housing or other development. Those who respond with sites they wish to put forward are usually landowners and developers. Land identified in the SHLAA is not necessarily going to be built on, and SHDC must assess each parcel of land and publish their comments for consultation.

The document below contains the Steering Group’s comments on the sites in Dartington Parish that SHDC commented on during the SHLAA process. SHDC will take all the responses to this stage of the SHLAA process into consideration when writing Our Plan, the Local Plan for the area.


The link below is to an SHDC document outlining some of the evidence that exists and which could be a starting point for a Dartington NP specific evidence base

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