Code of Conduct; Register of Interests; information for Councillors

Dartington Parish Council is an elected body in the first tier of local government. Other higher tiers, for example the District or County Council, have legal obligations to deliver services including for example education, housing, planning and transport. Parish councils have the legal power to take action in some situations, but they have very few duties – things they must do.

Parish Councils play a vital part in representing the interests of the communities they serve and can also influence other decision makers.

All Councillors are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct which covers the principles of public life and disclosing personal and pecuniary interests as defined by the Localism Act. It is up to individual Councillors to decide whether they have an interest or not, but it is better to be open and declare anything which you, or others, might think could affect your decision making. There is a legal requirement to disclose and register a pecuniary (financial) interest.

In making all decisions, Councillors are expected to abide by the following principles : 

    • Selflessness
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Objectivity
    •  Accountability
    •  Openness
    •  Leadership

The Parish Council’s Code of Conduct is based on the SHDC 2017 model Code and Councillors must agree to abide by it. This version of the Code was first adopted by Dartington Parish Council in March 2017 and reviewed in June 2019.The Code of Conduct can be found here: Dartington Parish Council Members Code June 2019

All councillors must complete a register of interests form (below) send it to SHDC and provide a copy to the parish Clerk (email is fine). Contact the Clerk for the SHDC email address to use.

Here is a word version of the SH Register of Interest Form Parishes 2019

Councillors must also declare they are willing to serve and complete the form below. The form must be signed in the presence of the Clerk, and be countersigned by the Clerk.
SHDC Dec of Acceptance 2019 (Parishes)

Below is a link to the National Association of Local Council’s (NALC) Good Councillor Guide which is a very useful publication.


There is a considerable amount of information in this new Local Government Association guide below. However, it is 65 pages long and deals with all types of Local Government.

Councillors Guide 2019.20

We hope no one has cause to complain about the Council, but if you do the complaints procedure is here:

Complaints Procedure 2017

Please note that complaints about individual Parish Councillors are dealt with by the District Council. Click here for the link to the relevant page on SHDC’s website.

Please contact the Clerk if you have any questions: