Neighbourhood Planning

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Planning section of the website!

There is another website that has been set up specifically for the Dartington Neighbourhood Plan ( which has current information for, and about, Task Groups. It’s here

The NP website has the most information on the Neighbourhood Plan and its progress, but  the pages in this section of the website are updated with minutes of Steering Group meetings and the coordinator’s reports to the Parish Council.

Hover over  “Neighbourhood Plan” on the menu bar above to see these pages and click on the page you want. If you want to know more about what Neighbourhood Planning is, the introduction page is a good place to start.

The area that the Neighbourhood Plan will cover is here Dartington_Designation_Map

Original Neighbourhood Plan proposal. NHPlan­Project-Plan-proposal-9.4.14

Look on the Posts section for information about Steering Group meeting times and dates. Task Group meting dates will be found on the NP website.

We welcome involvement from all those who live or work in Dartington to develop our Neighbourhood Plan. Contact the Neighbourhood Plan Coordinator Kate Wilson (

If you have a comment about the Neighbourhood Plan section of this website please email Kate:


Most of the photos on the Neighbourhood Plan section of this site are taken by Malcolm Baldwin

More photos on the Dartington NP website here