Parish Councillor Vacancies

Update January 2021:

There are no councillor vacancies on the Parish Council. 

About Parish Councillors:

Parish Councillors should be broad based and respond to parishioners’ needs so a councillor listens to local people’s concerns.  The Council is not a single issue campaigning organisation, but it can be effective in achieving change. Councillors need to know what to do with information they receive and the Clerk is there to provide advice and guidance. 

Serving as a Councillor requires a time commitment and willingness to undertake training and can be very worthwhile. A term of office is 4 years and you can make a difference to your community. Training is available and there is a wealth of information to help you. 

A useful publication which gives an overview of the role is The-Good-Councillors-guide-2018

If you would like more information about being a councillor, please look at the information page on this website.  Click here for the link

If you would like more information, contact the Clerk by email: