Running the Council – Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Risk Management.

Please note that the Council’s Annual meeting  could not be held in May 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions. Documents that were due to be approved then will be carried over to the May 2021 Annual Meeting.

The rules which govern Council meetings are called Standing Orders and you can find the Standing Orders here: Standing Orders 2018 DPC (model)

The council passed a temporary Amendment to its Standing Orders in May 2020 to allow the council to meet virtually. You can find this amendment here : DPC Standing Orders Coronavirus amendments

The rules which relate to the financial business of the council are the Council’s Financial Regulations.  The Council’s  Financial Regulations can be found from the following link: 
model-financial-regulations-england-july-2019 adopted 2/21

The statement of Internal control which says how the council will limit financial risk can be found in this link below:
Statement of internal control 2020

The Council has a statement showing how general risks can be managed and you can find this statement using the link below:
Dartington-Parish-Council-risk-management-schedule 2021

All council decisions must be taken at a properly constituted meeting of the Council unless they are delegated to the Clerk. The scheme of delegation can be found from the link below.
Scheme of Delegation 2020