Site Visits and meetings

Planning meetings are usually part of full council meetings unless a site visit has been agreed.

On occasions, the Parish Council may approve to undertake a site visit to discuss an application.

These site visits are meetings of the Planning Committee and are open to the public to observe, but not participate.
Applicants are informed as far as possible that the Council have decided to take this course of action.

The next site visit will be to discuss application ref 2283/17/HHO on Saturday August 19th at Beroma, Barracks Hill TQ9 6DG. The agenda is below. 

Planning Committee Site Visit Agendas

Planning meeting agenda 19.8

Planning meeting agenda 17.7

Planning meeting agenda 24.6

Huxhams Cross Planning agenda 7.4.17

Planning meeting agenda 7.2.17

Site Visit 16 June 2016

Site Visit 20 May 2016

Site Visit 15 April 2016 Webbers Way

Site Visit Agenda 2 Feb 2016


Planning Committee Minutes:

Planning meeting minutes 7.2.17draft

Planning meeting minutes 24.6 draft