Task Groups – old information

The Steering group organised Task Groups to work together on the various topic based elements of the Neighbourhood plan, to gather relevant information, research evidence and draft proposals and policies that will fit together with the work of the other Task Groups to underpin the Neighbourhood Plan.  

The agreed structure of the task groups as decided in 2014 is outlined in the document below. A joint meeting of all the task groups took place on Saturday 25th October at Dartington Primary school and the document here lists the groups that existed then JHDton NHP Task Groups 25.10.14

The task groups no longer meet but information about the neighbourhood plan and the task groups can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website. The link which follows will take you to the website https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/

The following task groups were active and there is up to date information on the Neighbourhood Plan website.

All the links below will take you to the separate Neighbourhood Plan website.

Housing:  A link to the housing groups page is here https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/housing-group/

Transport (including footpaths and cycle paths): For the link to the Transport group page the following link will take you to the NP website https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/transport/

For the link to the footpath page on the NP website https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/footpaths-and-cycle-paths/

Farming Forestry Landscape and Biodiversity changed its name to Environment and to go to the page on the NP website click https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/food/

To go to the Community Charter page on the NP website click https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/community-charter-group/

To go to the Economics page of the NP website click https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/economics/

To go the Community Consultations page on the NP website click https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/community-consultation/

Open space, sport and play: to go to the OSSP page on the NP site click https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/sport-and-play-task-group/