Task Groups

The Steering group has organised Task Groups to work together on the various topic based elements of the Neighbourhood plan, to gather relevant information, research evidence and draft proposals and policies that will fit together with the work of the other Task Groups to underpin the Neighbourhood Plan.  Being on a task group does not have to be a long-term, heavyweight commitment.

Information on what Task Groups are doing can be found on a different website. https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com or click here

The Task Group Terms of Reference document which is intended to be customised by individual groups is here: Task Group ToR blank

So far the following task groups are active:

Housing: Here’s a link to the housing groups page. Contact Kate for information about this group: dartingtonnp@gmail.com

Transport (now including footpaths and cycle paths): Here’s the transport page on the NP site. Peter Ward had leads the group on transport, but has stepped down now and transport and housing will be working together.

and here’s the footpath page on the website. Frank Benatt lead on footpaths, but has resigned from the Neighbourhood Plan process to concentrate on footpaths.

Farming Forestry Landscape and Biodiversity has changed its name to Environment: Here’s their page on the NP site. Pippa Ferguson leads the group

Community Charter: Here’s their page on the NP site. Isabel Carlisle leads the group

Economics: Here’s their page on the NP site. Amanda Bourne is the contact for this group.

Community Consultation:  This groups meets as and when to plan events. Find out about consultations here. Amanda

Open space, sport and play: Click  page to go to the OSSP page on the NP site. The leader is Elaine Hopkins

Things change and the latest information can be found on the specific Task Group’s page of the NP website (links above) and is also here https://dartingtonnp.wordpress.com/

The agreed structure of the task groups is outlined in the document below

DTon NHPlan – 25.10.14Task Groups+structure

History – a joint meeting of all the task groups took place on Saturday 25th October at Dartington Primary school and the document here  lists the groups that existed then. JHDton NHP Task Groups 25.10.14