Useful information

This page is being improved  – please bear with us! 

The Code of Conduct councillors agree to abide by is below:
Dartington Parish Council Members Code March 2017

Notice of Vacancy Jun 2017 

This is the updated (2017)  guide for councillors and would be councillors. Essential reading. 

Organisations wanting to apply for  grant from the parish council should use this form. Grants applications need to be made by August 31st and will be decided at the October meeting each year.
Grant form 2017

Standing orders were updated at the April 2017 meeting and are here:Dartington PC Standing Orders 2017

The Financial Regulations were adopted at the May 2017 meeting and are the model financial regulations:
Dartington Financial Regs May 2017

The asset register is currently incomplete and is being updated. The current document is here: Dartington Parish Council Asset register July 2016

The Council hopes no one has a cause to complain, but the procedure to follow if you do is below.
Complaints Procedure 2017

FoI policy Dartington Parish Council 2017